Solar Panels and Solar Farm Cleaning

solar panel cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning in Boise, ID and the surrounding Treasure Valley.

The Glass Act Window Solar Panel Cleaning offers safe and reliable solar panel cleaning. Rain alone will not clean your panels, just as rain alone will not clean your car. Professional cleaning of your solar panels ensures that they will function at their most optimum level of performance.

Solar panels are designed to capture sunlight and then convert it to usable electricity, so anything that limits the ability of the panels to capture this sunlight will decrease the amount of generated electricity. Things such as rain, dust, urban pollution, and bird droppings can cloud these surfaces and affect their efficiency. Regularly cleaning not only increases their efficiency but also provides savings for the system owner. It is estimated that regular maintenance can provide up to 20% more efficiency.

The Glass Act Window Cleaning has the newest and most effective equipment in the industry to thoroughly and safely clean Solar Panels. De-ionized Pure Water with a Waterfed Pole thoroughly cleans Solar Panels without leaving a soapy residue but leaves a clean and spot free finish, increasing efficiency.

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